Our Oversea Division exports Japanese industrial durables, machinery and equipment to China, and our professional engineer offers various ideas helpful to our clients' needs.
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 We have been steadily continuing on our course as a trading company specialized in industrial electric tools, industrial instruments and welding materials ever since the establishment of our company. We, however, realize that recent sales results suggest that requirements from our clients are becoming more diversified and complicated with the increment of demand chiefly for mechatronics products as well as its peripheral systems and robots.
 In order to be keenly alert to such environment changes, thus instantaneously understand the requirement of our clients and make a precise response to clients' needs, we are positively addressing cultivation of human resources development based on a great deal of experience and knowledge and reinforcement in response capabilities to requirements from clients.
 We are a dynamic company,being able to keep up with innovation. We stand out for quality,reliability and celerity.

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